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Lottery52 is an international lottery messenger service. By taking simple steps at every stage of the process, from choosing your lottery to receiving your winnings, we’re able to give you the peace of mind you deserve, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the playing experience:
Taken together, these simple commitments are designed to give you peace of mind through every stage of playing with Lottery52. We want you to relish the experience of playing international lottery games from the comfort of your own home, so we do all that we can to make it simple and stress-free.
➤ We only offer the biggest and best international lottery games – All of our games are regulated and licensed by the governments of their country of origin.
➤ We let you know what you’re buying – You’ll find that every lottery or syndicate we offer is clearly described and presented, with detailed information on what you can win and the odds of winning.
➤ We answer your questions – Our website features detailed FAQs covering individual products, plus the Lottery52 service itself, and you can contact the Lottery52 team by email, phone or online messaging 24 hours a day.
➤ We tell you what you’re spending – You are given a clear indication of the costs of any lottery tickets or syndicate memberships you’re purchasing, which can be reviewed on the checkout page. We also send you a full email summary of your order.
➤ We’re well connected – We use our global network of associates to purchase tickets on your behalf using official retail channels in the country (or countries in the case of EuroMillions and Eurojackpot) where the lottery game is based.
➤ We act quickly - As soon as your transaction has been completed on the Lottery52 website, a request is sent to the relevant associate to purchase the specified lottery tickets.
➤ We pride ourselves on the transparent service we offer – When you play an international lottery game with Lottery52, you’ll receive an email with the numbers you are playing and you can view your numbers in your My Account.
➤ We keep you informed – Lottery draw dates and winning numbers are readily available on our website and we will inform you via email or phone when you win a prize.
➤ We pay out as quickly as possible – Smaller prizes up to $600 will be paid into your account soon after the draw. For larger prizes our Lottery Winners Support Team will help you to claim your winnings and make any additional arrangements, such as travel or legal support.
➤ We don’t charge you to claim your prize – The cost of your ticket or syndicate membership is all that you will ever have to pay to Lottery52, even if you hit the jackpot. You will always receive the full value of anything you win.
➤ We look after your personal information – In addition to the latest 256-bit encryption technology employed across all Lottery52 sites, we also subscribe to the McAfee Secure service and the verification mark, ensuring that site security is constantly updated.
➤ We never publicise your win without permission – While we may occasionally ask winning customers to give us a quote or take part in a media story, this is only ever done with prior written agreement. We will never use your name, picture or personal details without permission.
➤ We put things right when they go wrong – With millions of customers around the world and thousands of transactions each day, we recognise that things will sometimes go wrong. We promise act quickly to resolve any problems.

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