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How does it work?
Once you have download our Lottery52 application (or if you wish you can go online at  you can buy lotto tickets in the largest government-licensed lottery games. For every ticket you buy we give you one free. If you buy 100 tickets we will give you 100 tickets free. For the right for this subsidy from us  you suscribe to Lottery52 for $9.99 per month. You can play all the lotteries, syndicates or Millionaire Raffles anytime you like from the comfort of your own home or from where ever you are from your cell phone.

Does Lottery52 play the lottery for me?
No, Lottery52 is a messenger service that offers you a subscription. Once you pay for your subscription, Lottery52 will purchase lottery tickets in your name. Our representatives will actually go to an official lottery retail store and buy a ticket on your behalf. Before the draw we will send you an email with the numbers you are playing.           

How can afford Lottery52 1 ticket free per every ticket bought?
Lottery52 allows you to buy one ticket and receive one ticket free, if you decide to buy 40 tickets Lottery 52   will give you also 40 tickets free, we do not have a limit as to how many tickets you can buy and receive the equivalent in free tickets.
Lottery52 business model is not to get an income out of the ticket transaction but to built the largest lottery playing community world wide and to benefit the US lottery system which in turn invest in noble and humanitarian causes.

No other entity subsidizes 50% of the lotto tickets you buy.
You can play the lottery at any time from the comfort of your own home.
You don’t have to be physically present in where the lottery is based.
You can pay using your credit or debit card..
If you win up to $600, we’ll collect the money on your behalf and it can either be credited to your account or paid into your bank account.
When you win over $600, we can either send you the winning ticket or our Winners Support Team will help you to claim your winnings.
The price of your subscription of $9.99 per month is all you pay to Lottery52. You keep 100% of any prize money you win. If you play more than $10 per month its already free.

·What happens when I win?
·Does Lottery52 share in the prize money?
Lottery52 does not share in the prizes our customers win, nor do we claim ownership of the tickets we purchase on your behalf. You are guaranteed to receive 100% of the prize money when you win.       
·Does Lottery52 charge any fees for winnings?
We do not charge any commissions or fees on any prizes our customers win. The price of your monthly subscription of $9.99  is all you will ever pay to Lottery52 such a subscription allows you to buy as many tickets as you want and receive the equivalent quantity totally free.  
·What will it cost to have the winnings sent to me?
We will never charge you to claim your prize, although if we send your prize money via bank transfer your bank may charge you a small fee for receiving the funds into your account.       
·Will I have to appear in person to collect my prize?
Whenever possible we will claim the prize on your behalf, however for larger prizes some lottery commissions insist that you be present in order to claim it. Where this is the case, our Winners Support Team will help you to make the necessary arrangements if required.       
·Do I have to pay taxes if I win a prize?
There are two types of taxes that can be applied to a lottery game prize.
Taxes in the country or state of origin of the lottery: Taxes determined by the local / federal authorities in the jurisdiction the ticket is issued. These taxes are deducted by the local lottery organization before making the payment to the winner. 

US Lotteries: The taxes depend on the state in which the tickets are purchased. Taxes are different in each state, there may be national taxes, and in some cases there are even taxes applied by the city in which the ticket was issued. 

South American and European players: If they have taxes, they depend on the country where the ticket is purchased, and they are deducted prior to the payment of the prizes. 

Taxes in the home country of the winner: They are taxes on lottery winnings determined by the player country of residence. Local taxes differ according to the legislation of each country and are the responsibility of the player, so we suggest that in case of winning a big prize, verify the information with local authorities.
·Is your company responsible for paying a prize?
No, Lottery52 is not related directly or indirectly to any lottery commission or operator. We offer a Messenger Service only, buying tickets on your behalf. Our primary responsibility is to hand you your winning ticket or any winnings that we have collected on your behalf. Our company cannot be responsible for prizes that have not been collected for any reason. The responsibility to abide by the terms and conditions of the lottery and pay out on the prize lies exclusively with the lottery that issued the ticket.       
·Who owns Lottery52?
Lottery52 is owned by WinAppWin Corporation in Delaware with main offices in Glendale California. Our goal is to help thousands of people to win US  lotteries, syndicates and Millionaire Raffles to people from all around the world.       
·Does Lottery52 sell lottery tickets?
Lottery52 does not sell or resell lottery tickets. We offer a messenger service, which means that you request a ticket or syndicate membership and we the tickets on your behalf at a government-licensed lottery retailer or agent.       
·Is the Lottery52 service legal?
Yes. Lottery52 is a messenger business, not a gambling business. We provide a legal, responsible Messenger Service to our customers. When you subscribe to our service, either individually or as part of a syndicate, we are buying the tickets on your behalf, we do not realize any profit from such a transaction neither from the messenger service area.       
·Does Lottery52 have any ties to any lottery agencies?
Neither Lottery52 nor any of its employees are related directly or indirectly with a lottery commission or operator anywhere in the world.       
·Once I subscribe to Lottery52, will my information be secure?
Absolutely, we go to great lengths to protect your privacy. We use the latest 256-bit SLL technology to safeguard your personal data and payment information. All information about you and your winnings will be strictly confidential and we will never pass it on to third parties.       
·When do the lottery draws take place?
The lottery drawings included in our service occur according to the following schedule:
Florida: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00PM Eastern Time
California: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:57PM Pacific Time
New York: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:21PM Eastern Time
Powerball: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59PM Eastern Time
Mega Millions: Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:00PM Pacific & Eastern Time
·Can I play US lotteries if I am in another country?
Absolutely! If you are over 18 years old, you can buy US lottery tickets and syndicate shares with Lottery52 . There are no legal restrictions for any individual to play the US lotteries. You do not have to be a US citizen or resident to play. Anyone can use the Lottery52 service to play any lottery in the world, regardless of their citizenship or county of residence.       
·What are VIP Loyalty Points?
To show our appreciation to you for you choosing to play international lotteries with Lottery52    , you will be automatically enrolled into our VIP Loyalty Program. You will automatically receive VIP Loyalty Points every time you play. The VIP Loyalty Program means that for every lottery order, syndicate or Millionaire Raffle you play with Lottery52 you will earn VIP Loyalty Points. The more VIP Loyalty Points you get, the more we’ll give back to you.       
·How do I become a Lottery52 VIP?
It’s simple. All you need to do is sign up and make a purchase at Lottery52 . You will automatically join our VIP Loyalty Program – Play more, Earn more and Win more!       
·How does the VIP Loyalty Program work?
Every time you buy a lottery ticket, syndicate share or Millionaire Raffle ticket at Lottery52 we’ll give you VIP Loyalty Points. You receive 1 VIP loyalty Point for every $2 you spend.        
·What can I use my VIP Loyalty Points for?
You can redeem your VIP Loyalty Points to receive great discounts on lottery orders and subscriptions. If you have enough points, you will even be able to play and win lotteries, syndicates or Millionaire Raffles for free! You receive $1 off your purchase for every 25 points you collect.       
·Where can I see how many VIP Loyalty Points I have?
You can see how many VIP Loyalty Points you have accrued in your Lottery52 account.       
·How do I redeem my VIP Loyalty Points?
You will be given the option at the checkout to use your VIP Loyalty Points total as payment towards your order. Remember that VIP Loyalty Points cannot be used with any other discount offer or promotion. You can’t withdraw your VIP Loyalty Points cash, so you must spend it on lottery tickets or syndicate shares.

Lotteries and Raffles: All prizes won that are below $600 are claimed on your behalf and credited to your Lottery52 account. Any prize won above this level is handled on a case by case basis according to the rules of the individual lottery or raffle. Where possible Lottery52 claims the prize money on your behalf, however if you prefer to handle your own claim or local rules prevent us from doing so, then we help to facilitate your winning claim by transferring the ticket to you and helping you to claim your prize. We have a Winners Support Team who help our customers to do this and so far we have had thousands of winners who have successfully received prizes ranging from as little as $10 right up to millionaire jackpots.
Syndicates: As the lottery syndicate manager, Lottery52 will claim the winnings on behalf of all syndicate members. Payment of syndicate winnings up to $600 will be made directly to your Lottery52 account. For prizes over $600 payment may be made direct into your Lottery52 account, with a cheque or via bank transfer, according to your personal preferences and in line with local banking laws. We have a Winners Support Team who help our customers to do this and so far we have had thousands of winners who have successfully received prizes ranging from as little as $10 right up to millionaire jackpots.

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